Knebworth Amateur Theatrical Society
Past performances 2016 - November The 39 Steps 2016 - May Noel Coward Evening 2015 - December A Ghostly Evening: Two chilling stories of the superrnatural 2015 - May Death by Candlelight: A murder mystery evening 2014 - November Noises Off 2014 - May Friends of Mike Santini/Famous Island 2013 - November Guards! Guards! 2013 - May Habeus Corpus 2012 - November Whose Life Is It Anyway? 2012 - May Communicating Doors 2011 - November In Praise of Love 2011 - May One Act Festival 2010 - December Babes In the Wood 2010 - May We Happy Few Previous decades 2000 - 2009 1990 - 1999
Last performance 2016 - November The 39 Steps The 39 Steps, by Patrick Barlow, is a pastiche of the film by Alfred Hitchcok, which was based on the book by John Buchan. Set in the 1930s, when English men were real men and the women were glad of it, this is an award winning, adventure-thriller-comedy in which most of the actors take on several parts. Our dashing hero, RichardHannay, is accused of a murder he didn't commit, then has to avoid capture by the police and some very dangerous possible assassins in order to solve a mystery. He travels the length and breadth of Britain, meeting people from a wide variety of backgrounds (which gives the cast a chance to practice their accents) until the final showdown where the identity of the 39 steps is revealed and the mystery solved. The play is hilarious and enormous fun for both the audience and the cast (if rehearsals are anything to go by) with quick changes of costume, character, and, of course, props.